Jay Nichols
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Jay Nichols

I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer with certifications in weight management, sports nutrition, lifestyle fitness coaching and a qualification in Pre-Natal fitness.  I enjoy helping others to meet fitness goals, which can include weight loss, strength training, shaping and toning or just learning how to use equipment properly.  My philosophy is to combine resistance training with the proper amount of cardiovascular exercise along with a balanced nutritional program to achieve your maximum potential.

Along with our son Jacob and our daughter Juliana, my wife Kelly and I enjoy working out together, spending time outdoors, tennis, biking, and enjoying a healthy Florida lifestyle.

Jay's commitment to his customers, his passion for helping others and his imaginative thinking are just a few of the attributes that set him apart from others. His approach to overall health and wellness is more of a lifestyle change;an addiction if you will. As opposed to just working out and business as usual, it is a positive, healthful change forever.

Listed below are just a a couple of the many satisfied people who have followed Jay’s philosophy and teaching;

“My partnership with Jay has allowed me to overcome all of the physical challenges due to my chronic disease. His fresh approach and enthusiastic nature continue to keep me interested in my workouts”. – Sara

To look the best I could possibly look on the most important day of my entire life, my wedding day, I didn’t just hit my goal; I surpassed it! Without Jay, the phrase “Body by Jay” would have never been said!  - Lauren