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Jacob and Juliana Nichols

Your father wanted you to have an ongoing relationship with your Grandmother, Marianne Nichols, your Great-Grandmother Viola Lombardi Welch. He also wanted you to have relationships with your cousins and Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jim Stuart. Remember going to the cousins when Dad lived with Nana?

They all love and miss you very much.

Your Mom never called your Nana Nichols after your Dad died. Nana Nichols called your Mom everyday asking to speak to you and to see you, until your Mom changed her phone number. Nana and the cousins have no way to contact you. You can find contact information for Nana Nichols and Aunt Cindy on the Internet.

Jacob and Juliana, you are always welcome in their homes.

Your Dad set up an educational trust for both of you.

You can e-mail them: jay@jakefitnessinc.com and they will get the messages.

You can call 813 404 4748 to reach your family.

Everyone misses your Dad too.

Voice mail message

Jay Nichols, Jacob Nichols, Juliana Nichols, May 2012